Sex & Porn Addiction Test

Below is a screening measure that will help determine whether you have a pornography addiction issue.

It is not designed to provide you with an accurate answer, as this will need to be determined by a professional consultation. However, the 15 key questions should provide you with an indication of whether there is a possibility or not.


Note: This test is 100% confidential and no personal information recorded or stored.

Do you find yourself becoming more preoccupied with porn?

Do you ever find yourself thinking about or planning to watch porn?

Have you thought about or looked at images that you feel are risky?

Have you ever struggled with any other addictive behaviours?

Have you ever tried to stop watching porn in the past but failed?

Does watching porn have a negative impact on your finances, work or studies?

If you are a male, do you find that sometimes it is a struggle to keep an erection?

Do you feel that it has a negative impact on your relationships, i.e. family members or friends?

When viewing porn do you find that you need to seek new stimuli after a period of time?

Do you suffer with anxiety, mood swings, anger or depression?

Has viewing porn caused you to be late for an appointment, work or social event?

Do you ever feel ashamed after watching porn?

Does watching porn go against your moral values?

Has watching porn lead you to online chat rooms?

Do you find yourself deleting your browsing history?

If you answer 'Yes' to 5 or more of these questions, you are likely to be suffering from Sex Addiction.

Luckily, we can help. Don't suffer in silence, contact us for a consultation and we can help you overcome your addictions, and live a happier life.

Help for Overcoming Porn and Sex Addiction

Our Therapeutic Approach

There are various approaches to therapy and dealing with sex addiction. We use integrative therapy which is a combined approach to therapy. It’s a view that having a more diverse approach provides the client with more room for success in overcoming sex addiction.


It can be an extremely lonely place coping and dealing with sex addiction, but you are not alone and there is help.


Some of our therapists have also been through this process so you can take comfort in knowing that you won’t be judged. Our therapists are here to be with you on your journey to recovery in the treatment of sex addiction. We are here to help you so please reach out to us.

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