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Elaine Tarsh - Porn Addiction Therapist

Elaine Tarsh

Psychosexual Therapist

I am a Relate trained counsellor and sex therapist with over 16 years’ experience. I specialise in helping those with problematic porn and sex addiction issues including compulsive viewing of pornography, using chat lines, visiting prostitutes, exhibitionism, voyeurism, compulsive masturbation, fetishes, anonymous sex, telephone sex, sexting and viewing illegal images.

I provide a secure and non-judgmental, non-shaming space – somewhere that you can feel safe to explore feelings and identify the problems you are facing.

I work with clients whose sexual behaviour is affecting their personal, financial or work life, to make sense of their behaviour and the real impact it is having on their lives.  I help clients put strategies in place to support their recovery.

I also support couples to rebuild trust and communication, and when they are ready, help them to re-introduce intimacy into their relationships.

Discovering that your partner’s sexual behaviour is out of control, can be devastating and difficult to cope with alone. I work with partners to help them understand and manage these difficult experiences.

Fees: £100 per session

Call me on 07465 226668 or email hello@pornaddictionrecovery.co.uk

Help for Overcoming Porn and Sex Addiction

Our Therapeutic Approach

There are various approaches to therapy and dealing with sex addiction. We use integrative therapy which is a combined approach to therapy. It’s a view that having a more diverse approach provides the client with more room for success in overcoming sex addiction.


It can be an extremely lonely place coping and dealing with sex addiction, but you are not alone and there is help.


Some of our therapists have also been through this process so you can take comfort in knowing that you won’t be judged. Our therapists are here to be with you on your journey to recovery in the treatment of sex addiction. We are here to help you so please reach out to us.

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