Love Addiction

Love Addiction can often be disguised as one of the causes of sex addiction. In reality however, they are generally two different issues.
Love and sex addiction aren’t generally the same, however, they do go hand in hand. An example of that is that unlike sex addiction, love addiction doesn’t usually present as an internet sex addiction issue. Most commonly, love addiction can illustrate behaviours such as becoming reliant on idealised relationships, putting responsibility onto others for emotional wellbeing, and/or intensely craving attention from others, even if this is engaging in unhealthy and/or toxic relationships. It is an overwhelming desire to feel continually loved and wanted by someone.
Like sex addiction, love addiction is generally rooted in negative childhood experiences around a caregiver, generally a parent and quite often the father figure. Once again, this addiction can lead to engaging in high-risk activities leading to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unplanned pregnancies. With this addiction, individuals may become involved in unhealthy, toxic, physically, and emotionally abusive relationships. Love addiction can be described as an obsession that never ends, almost like searching for the Holy Grail.
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Our Therapeutic Approach

There are various approaches to therapy and dealing with sex addiction. We use integrative therapy which is a combined approach to therapy. It’s a view that having a more diverse approach provides the client with more room for success in overcoming sex addiction.


It can be an extremely lonely place coping and dealing with sex addiction, but you are not alone and there is help.


Some of our therapists have also been through this process so you can take comfort in knowing that you won’t be judged. Our therapists are here to be with you on your journey to recovery in the treatment of sex addiction. We are here to help you so please reach out to us.

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